Clients hire me to help tell the story of their brand, both through photo and video, in a way that reflects each unique brand qualities. Listening to the heartbeat of your business and studying the details unique to you and only you, helps me create images that show clearly your unique value. My goal is to offer timeless imagery with lots of variety of deliverables so that you can stretch your images to serve your business longer. With over a decade of experience, from kids to adults, I'm skilled at putting people at ease in front of the camera to create relaxed headshots and brand imagery that you love. 

brand imagery

My process allows for lots of collaboration to ensure your brand photoshoot is organized and captured in a way that reflects your business honestly. We will have multiple calls, guides, and discussions to best prepare for making the most of your photoshoot. 


Baybala's tagline is "Made to live. Designed to love." Inspired by vintage textiles, heirloom quality details, and super-soft, easy-to-wash fabrics, their versatile pieces for women, girls and boys are meant to be worn season after season. This pre-spring seasonal launch is aimed to show the versatility, thoughtful details, and quality of their products. 

Cember Studio came to me for brand photography and videography for a graphic design company brand and name change. They wanted traditional headshots as well as brand imagery to be used throughout web and social. Their tagline, "Design sparked by stories," inspired our imagery and brand launch video. 

True40 Auburn came to me for updated imagery for their specific location as well as a company wide re-brand. They wanted instructor headshots, class images, styled images of exercise and equipment as well as lifestyle images specific to their location. The goal was to show a glimpse of what to expect as well as the unexpected, the relationships and community that is found. 

Bob Moody came to me during a website rebrand and was looking for long overdue headshots and photos of him at work at his in-home art studio of almost 40 years. With a background in architecture, the home and its' design was an important part of showcasing his re-brand.

Ryane Rice wanted brand imagery for web and artist submissions. Her art and brand express a lively and playful world of color and unexpected composition. We wanted to show her use of spring pastel tones that evoke joy and inspire a sense of possibility, resilience, and rejuvenation, similar to what she experiences as both a painter and a mother. Showing that color and texture was an important part of this photoshoot. 

June and january \ back to school

DWELL BTS REEL \ bts/style shoot

BAYBALA \  Fall seasonal release

pink chicken \ holiday

BAYBALA \ SPRING seasonal release

video clients

Video services of seasonal launches, behind-the-scenes, and products delivered for web and social marketing. 

DWELL BTS REEL \ bts/style shoot


Brittany has years of corporate headshot experience. From lawyers and realtors to medical professionals and resume refresh, she's experienced in easing the typical dreaded headshot photography experience. 

Headshots can be taken in Brittany's West Homewood Studio or on-location. Quotes vary on location, number of individuals being photographed, and number of retouched final images needed. 


Interested? I'd love to work with you to put together a custom proposal to suit your business needs.